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    We as a faculty and staff are excited that your child will be a student in our school. We are all here to help him/her succeed. Please fill out all the documents including the Free and Reduced Lunch form. These documents are required either by state law or the Culbertson School District to enroll.  All information will be kept confidential. Return the forms to the school office.
    Enrollment Procedures
    1. Please complete the following  information in the registration packet and return to the school office as soon as possible.
    2. We will request a transfer of records from your previous school.
    3.     When we have received the records from your previous school, there will be a brief waiting period prior to the student being allowed to attend school. The wait period will allow the counselor and the principal adequate time to review the records and complete any follow up inquiries with the previous school(s) for special needs, assessments, and other issues, including disciplinary problems.
    4.   We will contact you by phone when this process is complete.
    All documents must be complete before you can be enrolled and attend school.
    Please also include:

         Copy of student’s Certified Birth Certificate

         Copy of student’s social security card

         Proof of immunizations (please provide a photocopy of immunization records.)
         If you are not the birth parent, documents showing that you are the student's legal  
             guardian. In the case of divorce, court documents showing that you are the 
             custodial or joint custodial parent. (Notarized statements are unacceptable.)
         Name, address and telephone number of previous school if you are transferring.
    Kindergarten Registration Form: Kindergarten Registration
    Culbertson School Registrations forms:
    Title VI Student Eligibility Certification: http://www.ed.gov/programs/indianformula/506form.doc
    Free & reduced Lunch Application  Free and Reduced Meal Form
Last Modified on March 19, 2024