• Angi

    Name: Angi Iverson
    Email: iversona@culbertson.k12.mt.us
    Grade: Fifth
    Classroom: 111
    Help Hours: before school 8:00-8:25 and after school 3:30-4:00
    I have been so pleased to become part of my community's school.  My husband and children graduated from Culbertson High School, and I feel that they received an exemplary educations.  I am excited to be a part of the Culbertson Cowgirl/Cowboy tradition.  
    In fifth grade we look forward to new opportunities to participate in different ways.  We become student athletes and learn the lessons that go along with ttheseopportunities that we have had opened to us.  We also beomce more independent as learners and begin to see teh careers that may be open to us in teh future.  We begin some of the in-depth exploration of the sciences and we grow into our musical talents, adding band instruments to the tools of our skills set.   
    Preparation Period 2:15-3:30