•  CHS Student Council
    The Culbertson High School Student Council performs numerous functions including being the voice of the student body. The members of the 2019 student council are:
    President- Mariah Cathey (1 year term)
    Vice-President- Colby Olson (1 year term)
    Secretary- Ashtyn Ator (1 year term)
    Treasurer- Jacob Crowder (1 year term) 
    Honorary: Lucas Oelkers, Summer Romo, Quinn Wettlin
    8th/Freshmen: Kayli Olson (1 yr)  Alicyn Ator (1 yr)
    Freshmen/Sophomores: Tige Purvis (1 yr), Autumn Bergum (1 yr)
    Sophomores/Juniors: Kylie Portra (2yr) Michael Pedersen (2yr)
    Juniors/Seniors: Kelsie Williams, Clayton Marchwick
    Representatives @ Large
Last Modified on January 22, 2019