•  CHS Student Council
    The Culbertson High School Student Council performs numerous functions including being the voice of the student body. The members of the 2018 student council are:
    President- Lucas Oelkers (1 year term)
    Vice-President- Colby Olson (1 year term)
    Secretary- Ashtyn Ator (1 year term)
    Treasurer- Mariah Cathey (1 year term) 
    Representatives- Beth Voigt(honorary), Abby Ator(honorary), Jacob Martin(honorary), Summer Romo (1 year term), Kelsie Williams (1year term), Jacob Crowder (term expired), Cody Larsen (2 year term), Michael Pedersen (2 year term), Anissa Bengochea (1 year term), and  Chloe Burks (1 year term). 
Last Modified on December 11, 2017