• Competitive Speech & Drama is an extra-curricular activity that provides students with the opportunity to compete at the local, divisional, and state level in 15 MHSA sanctioned events. An educational opportunity exists for students who participate in the sanctioned events. 
    Students participating in the Speech events learn about writing and/or presenting original informative and persuasive speeches (Original Oratory and Expository speaking), oral interpretations (HOI and SOI), speeches by famous authors (Memorized Public Address), speaking with little preparation time (Impromtu and Extemporaneous speaking), and using appropriate debate techniques (Policy or Team Debate, and Lincoln-Douglas Debate). 
    Students interested in honing their acting techniques can participate in Humorous or Serious Solo, Humorous or Serious Duo, Classical Duo, or Pantomime Acting events.  Students participating in the drama events learn about selection and cutting of materials, setting, characterization, dialogue, blocking, costumes, setting a scene, and vocal techniques.
Last Modified on October 16, 2009