• Math

    The children will have a page of math homework to complete at home on most nights.  Please make every effort to help your child read the instructions and work through the problems.

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  • Reading Journals

    Students are required to read 25 minutes each night.  Weekly reading sheets will be sent home the first day of each week and are due the last day of the week.  Students will need to write a reading response each night using one of the reading strategies on the weekly reading homework reference sheet.  The reading log on the back also needs to be filled out with a parent signature each night.

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  • Classroom Rules

    1. Follow directions
    2. Listen carefully
    3. Work quietly
    4. Show respect
    5. Work and play safely
    6. Do your own work

    Cheating: Students who are caught cheating will automatically receive a zero on the assignment.

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  • Grading Scale

    A+ (98-100)          

    A (93-97)              

    A- (90-92)            

    B+ (87-89)            

    B (83-86)             

    B- (80-82) 

    C+ (77-79)            

    C (73-76)

    C- (70-72)

    D+ (67-69)

    D (63-66)

    D- (60-62)

    F (0-59)

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  • Homework planners

    Each student will receive a homework planner and homework folder at the beginning of the year. Students are responsible for copying down any homework and reminders into their planners before having it signed by me.  Students are required to show these planners and folders to their parent or guardian and receive a signature from the adult when all their work is complete.  If students do not turn in their homework, they will be required to stay in from morning recess to complete it.

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  • Extra Help

    I am available to help students before and after school.  Please call to set up another time if needed.  If students receive below a 60% on any assignment they will have the opportunity to improve their score.

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  • Specials

    The specials schedule for the year:

    Trimester 1

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday—PE & Art

    Tuesday & Thursday—Music & Library

    Trimester 2

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday—PE & Art

    Tuesday & Thursday—Music & Library

    Trimester 3

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday—Music & Library

    Tuesday & Thursday—PE & Art


    Please make sure your child has a pair of tennis shoes that stay here for them to wear on days we have PE.

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