• Class Colors and Flowers - Taken from yearbooks.
    Year       Colors                                                 Flower/Symbol          white rose
    1926           purple and gold                                 Purple pansy
    1927           Gold and Silver                                  Lilac
    1928           Lavender and White                          Lilac
    1929           Blue and Gold                                    Pansy
    1930           Lavendar and Silver                           Lilac
    1934           Blue and Yellow                                Yellow Rose
    1944           Rose and Gold                                   American Beauty Rose
    1947           purple and white                               Silver Star

    1948           Blue and gold                                    yellow rose

    1949           Red and Grey                                     red rose

    1950           white and black                                 white carnation 

    1951           navy blue and gold                             yellow rose

    1952           red and white                                     red carnation

    1953           grey and yellow                                  yellow rose

    1954           Maroon and white                              white rose

    1955           Red and Grey                                      red carnation

    1956           Aqua and gray                                    aqua carnationrose

    1957           grey and yellow                                  yellow rose

    1958           pink and gray                                      pink carnation

    1959           orchid and gold                                   orchid

    1960           rose and gray                                      rose

    1961           aquamarine and gray                          carnation

    1962           coral and gray                                     rose

    1963           mint green and silver gray                  mint green orchid

    1964           yellow and gray                                   yellow rose

    1965           royal purple and canary yellow           orchid

    1966           ice blue and silver                               Ice blue rose

    1967           crimson pink and silver                       pink rose

    1970           blue and silver                                    blue rose

    1971           purple, gold and white                        yellow mum

    1972           blue and silver                                    blue carnation

    1973           black and gold                                    gold orchid

    1974           black and gold                                    white carnation - boys, yellow rose - girls

    1975           purple and lavender                           carnations - boys, roses - girls

    1976           red, white and blue                            red rose

    1977           purple and gold                                  white rose

    1978           royal blue and silver                          white rose

    1979           purple and silver                                white carnation

    1980           light blue and silver                           white rose

    1981           purple and silver                                white carnation

    1982           burgundy, pink, silver                          pink and white rose

    1983           light blue, dark blue, silver                 blue tipped rose

    1984           burgundy, pink and white                    burgundy tipped white rose

    1985          Light blue and silver                             blue tipped white carnation

    1986          Silver and purple                                   chrysanthemum - spider mum

    1987          White, purple & gold                             yellow rose

    1988          Burgundy, gray and silver                      burgundy tipped white carnation                       

    1990          Red with silver and ivory                        red rose

    1991          Black, white, teal                                    white rose                      

    1992          Metallic purple with black and silver     sterling Silver Rose
    1993          Black, teal and purple                             plum rose

    1994          Black, silver and emerald green             white rose

    1995          Burgundy, black and silver                      burgundy tipped white rose                     

    1997          Navy, gray & maroon                              maroon & silver tipped white rose                        

    2000          Navy blue, sky blue and silver                 blue tipped white rose

    2001          navy, burgundy and silver                        rose

    2002          Purple and silver                                      lavender rose

    2003          Purple and silver                                       purple tipped yellow rose
    2004          Navy, maroon and silver                           red rose

    2005          Silver, metallic purple and baby blue       baby blue tipped white rose

    2006          Baby Blue, Pink and Silver                         baby blue tipped pink rose   sunflower

    2007          Purple, black and chrome                         White Rose

    2008          Metallic blue, black and silver                  Blue daisy

    2009          Purple, Black, Chrome, Lime Green          Lime Green Rose
    2010          Purple, Black and Silver                            White Rose
    2011          Purple, Gold, Silver, Black                         Sunflower
    2012          Purple, Gold, Black                                    Purple Rose
    2013         Purple, Gold, Obsidian, & Chrome        Purple and yellow roses