Both of these are embedded items. One is a widget the other is a youtube video. Both are placed in pretty much the same way:
    Have your page open to where you want to put the video or widget.
    Open another windows browser to the video. On youtube look just below the video, there should be 3 boxes saying "like", "add to" and "share" click on "share". it will pop open an area below it that has a box that says "embed" click on that box and then left click on the text in the box, it will turn blue, Right Click on it and then click on "copy".
    Go back to the Flex page you want the video on, click on the spot where you want it to be, then Click on the "view HTML" tab at the bottom of the page.
    Paste the embed code you just copied where your blinking curser shows up (you may have to scroll down.) Click on apply or ok. It will close that window and somethng might show up on the main screen - sometimes it does, sometimes not. You can check by either going to "view website" or clicking on the Culbertson Public Schools tab on the bottom of your screen and refresh the page.