HOMEWORKpenguins walking


    The children will have a page of Math homework to do every night. (There is no Math homework on Friday.) There are a few times when on a test day the children will not have homework. 


    There will be reading homework on most nights.


    We will begin taking Spelling tests in October.  A list will come home every Friday for the next week. We will start out with five words and eventually increase to twelve words.

    A spelling test will be given on Thursday and Friday of each week. If your child gets them all right on Thursday,they do not have to take the test on Friday.

    We will do daily activities with the Spelling words but it is also helpful if you practice the words at home.


    1. Follow directions

    2. Listen carefully

    3. Work quietly

    4. Show respect

    5. Work and play safely

    A "Today and Tomorrow" sheet will be sent home with your child if their behavior requires parent notification.



    We will have Show and Tell every Friday. Your child may bring something from home to show. I encourage every child to participate.




    A snack calendar will be sent home at the end of each month for the next month.The children get very hungry by the afternoon. Snack time is a nice break in the day and it seems to renew the children's energy.  THANK YOU for providing snacks for the children.