• Jr. High JMG

    Chicago Public Schools Matter
    Culbertson Junior High JMG students started a new club today....
    For Junior High Students ONLY!!! 
    This club is unique for these reasons:
    * It is 100% run by students
    * It is geared towards making a difference in their lives, the lives of others, the school and the community at large.
    * It will empower students to understand how much they matter to the world.
    * It is a part of a national network of Every Monday Matters Clubs that are starting all over the country.
    Mission Statement:
    Our Every Monday Matters Club empowers young, socially-minded leaders to reach out to our school, community and the world in an effort to make a difference and create progressive change. WE MATTER!!
    Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Junior High Students!!!
    They have tentatively planned a Fun Run for Saturday, October  15th and are working on finding a day to hold a Junior High Dance again!

    Culbertson Junior High JMG has been busy!  Recently, Roosevelt County Extension Agent Ann Ronning paid them a visit.  This is the third year for the Jobs for Americas' Graduates Essay contest on "What Agriculture Means to Me".  The very first year, a student from Nashua won and recieved an all expense paid trip to Washington DC!  Ann came in to introduce them to a variety of ways that agriculture is a part of their daily lives.  She sure did inspire them, as the essays are coming along!
    Students also showed their support for CHS during Spirit Week by dressing up and being involved with the homecoming parade!